Just a Quick Announcement…

These are some sreen captures from the show’s trailer, taken from our six hour workshop. This is a post shared from my Instagram: @elliseramoswriter

This is just a quick announcement to inform you that I will be part of an ensemble of thirteen writers who will be performing at the Harbourfront Theatre Centre (231 Queens Quay West) on May 12, 13 and 14 from 8 pm. Directed and Staged by the talented Daniel MacIvor I will be reading a personal piece, a very personal one I might add (although I suspect that they deliberately chose this one as it is one of my most brutal and vulgarly honest ones to date, which I am quite honestly dreading to read out loud to strangers! ACK!) accompanied by music composed by Jonathan Goldsmith and against a projection designed by Laurie-Shawn Borzovoy. This will be unrehearsed, authentic and meant to foster a connection amongst the audience to establish an answer to the question, WHO IS WE: VOICE ACROSS THE DIVIDES, as is the title of the show.

This was produced in partnership with the Art of Time Ensemble and the Writers Collective of Canada.

You can see the trailer here.

Honestly, it feels surreal. I remember showing up at the first workshop in preparation for this not knowing what to expect. I was so flustered and exhausted, due to nerves and the fact that Johan, my son, was crying every hour on the hour, drinking a teaspoon of milk and falling back to sleep all night. Not to mention that I had an argument with my husband as well, as at the time, we were on a rocky boat.

But not showing up did not even occur to me. And I was proud of myself for that.

Halfway through the six hour workshop, I ran downstairs to the washroom to pump in the washroom because I was engorged and concerned I would end up not producing enough milk for my son when I get home. He was still at the forefront of my mind, despite how the adrenaline of being with other writers and artists surged through me, that same old excitement that happens when I feel like I’m part of something great, that I am creating something worthwhile. I guess you can call it inspiration, or one’s muse.

Either way, I am feeling all kinds of euphoria and pride that I am part of this performance. I feel validated as a writer, and I feel great saying, “Yes, I have a writer’s group”, or that I’m part of a collective.

I just want to write, write, create, create, and love my son each and every day; it is so good to be alive.

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