Ruptures: 2nd Edition (Sort of)

Well, I am proud of this!

After a long, harrowing battle with my previous publisher, I was able to get my book out of their hands and re-publish on my own terms! Now with an updated cover that features a print made by my incredibly talented artist friend from Hamilton, Linda Ngo, I re-designed and laboriously worked on a new book that features new content, my own art work, and did I mention the new awesome cover that I spent two long nights on??? Because seriously, appreciate it. Please (for the love of god, she pleads, as the red, tired blood vessels in her eyes continued to pop).

New cover of an old book

I’m quite proud of this one. The previous cover was okay, but it was made in a rush inside the Indigo on Bay and Bloor, while I shot suspicious, menacing glares as I sat hunched behind my laptop, furiously cursing at Adobe Photoshop, to anyone who dared try to take my spot on the desk. I was only fuelled by cappucinos and chocolate fudgies at this point. When I start a project, I get OBSESSED. I try to finish it to the end, even to my own detriment, because I spent most of my 20’s spouting nonsensical, (my psychiatrist would argue, delirious) ideas and never seeing anything to its end. Not finishing a project became a marker of my bipolar, so I am now, always determined to see it through. The first edition of Ruptures was just that – it was an experiment to see if I could navigate the world of self-publication.

Now, two (to three, I’ve lost count) years later, I have learned more about SEO, marketing, Photoshop (oh, goddamn Photoshop) and the publishing industry as a whole to know which ones to trust, and which ones to fume at. So join me, as we marvel at this new book cover (DID I MENTION MY BOOK HAS A NEW COVER???) and congratulate me as I did not have to scour through the deep, inner bowels of FIVERR to figure out which one to hire to create a cover for me. I did this all by my insane self (pat, pat, pat, I am patting myself on the back, thank you, thank you).

New content includes a poem I wrote that I am proud of, which I now officially announce is my MAIN POEM, the catchphrase, the aka if I was a show, this would be the main theme song, the opening song. I lovingly entitled it MOTHERCUNT.

I also included the poem I am going to be performing for Art of Time’s: Who is We? Voices Across the Divides on May 12, 13 and 14. I’m going to leave it to the reader to decide which one it could possibly be! (Hint: It has a very original title).

So check it out now @
Available in PRINT & E-BOOK format.

If you want to.

Like, you don’t have to.

But it will change your life, I swear. 🙂

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